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common fraction, simple fraction - the quotient of two integers
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Auto Business News-May 28, 2015--Mazda rolls out one-millionth CX-5
Pinnacle Sports bookmaker has accepted its one-millionth eSports bet; eSports is now more popular with Pinnacle Sports' bettors than golf or rugby.
The one-millionth sight has been traveling the world visiting interesting places, and fans are encouraged to "like" the EOTech Facebook page to guess where the sight is going.
Global Banking News-December 4, 2012--Cigna and CMC joint venture sells one-millionth policy in China(C)2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
It s an honor to receive the one-millionth FortiGate.
The one-millionth customer, from India, received an unexpected welcome at check-in and two free airline tickets to celebrate the carrier's milestone.
BURSA, Jul 21, 2010 (TUR) -- The one-millionth Fiat Doblo on Wednesday rolled out of the Turkish carmaker Tofas' Bursa plant in northwestern Turkey.
com valid for the one-millionth customer will win one million pennies - or rather pounds 10,000.
If there is one, however, it's less than one-millionth as dense as Earth's atmosphere is.
Observations as Charon's disk passed the star also indicate that if the moon has any atmosphere at all, its density is less than one-millionth that of Earth's atmosphere, according to Amanda Gulbis of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and her collaborators.
These particles, smaller than 100 nanometers (one billionth of a meter), are about one-millionth the size of a grain of sand.