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1. Favoring one side or group; partial or biased: a one-sided view.
2. Characterized by the domination of one competitor over another: a one-sided basketball game.
3. Larger or more developed on one side: a one-sided pattern.
4. Existing or occurring on one side only.

one′-sid′ed·ly adv.
one′-sid′ed·ness n.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - in a unilateral manner; by means of one part or party; "they worked out an agreement unilaterally"
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Something was lacking in them, they were not clear, they were too one-sidedly personal and brain-spun.
It has come to this, after President Parvanov allowed himself one-sidedly to record the conversation between him and Deputy Prime Minister Simeon Djankov, and then to publish the transcript.
Service learning thereby becomes one-sidedly an effort in providing solutions within the existing frameworks of the status quo, rather than one that practically challenges those frameworks.
However, the government should not fall into the trap of playing to the gallery, seeking to please the public by one-sidedly attacking bureaucrats and hacking at budgets.
Precisely because of Germany's special responsibility toward Israel and Palestine, the German public is entitled to obtain comprehensive and sophisticated information about the war in Gaza, the more so as the German mass media predominantly does not meet their obligation to cover the current conflict objectively, and informs the people here only one-sidedly.
Brentano sees space as one-sidedly dependent on (inseparable from) time.
All of this convinces Storch that American communism cannot be entirely explained by an overarching emphasis on Stalinism, let alone the insistence of Theodore Draper and his contemporary advocates, Harvey Klehr and John Earl Haynes, that communism in the United States was one-sidedly a made-in-Moscow affair.
Habermas believes that we can overcome this paradox by refusing to determine the boundaries of what is tolerated one-sidedly.
There is a new awareness that church and theology have for too long emphasized strongly but perhaps one-sidedly involvement in political and social matters, and have perhaps neglected the spiritual basis of such social engagement.
The South Korean man claimed that the law on property rights one-sidedly invalidates the rights of South Koreans and is null and void.
Hutcheon's resulting Wagner ironies appear cliched and too one-sidedly personal, reflecting a ludicly flippant intentionality not suiting an author concerned with a relatively grave subject.
Vincent," for example, last year's Canadian film about child abuse in a Catholic orphanage, now available on video -- but it could prompt some useful group discussion regarding the subjects it treats one-sidedly, as well as the broader issue of alienation from the institutional church.