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common fraction, simple fraction - the quotient of two integers
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It was probably about one-sixteenth of a second after his hand had closed on the coins that he realized in the most vivid manner that these were not the lines on which the incident was to develop, and, with all his heart, he congratulated himself on having discarded those brown boots in favour of a worn but roomy pair of gent's Oxfords.
In the near future, when the ice shelf breaks off to form a freely floating iceberg, it will directly raise sea levels by one-sixteenth of an inch.
So the Virginia Legislature revised the act, establishing what came to be known as the "Pocahontas exception.'' Virginians could be up to one-sixteenth Native American and still be white in the eyes of the law.
BEN is a New Zealand comic, now based in London, who is one-sixteenth Maori.
First Student fired one of its Junction City supervisors for letting the front tire tread depth reach one-sixteenth of an inch, which is illegal under U.S.
Though the hole was no bigger than one-sixteenth of an inch, water (pressurized at 80 psi) sprayed out for a few hours before the leak was detected, resulting in repair costs of over $53,800.
$2 million Juvenile Fillies (One and one-sixteenth miles): 1.
That is less than one-sixteenth of the average salary of South Korean manufacturer workers.
The charge for a one-sixteenth of an acre plot is rising from pounds 45.50 to pounds 60 a year.
Who played The Prisoner in the original TV ANSWERS: 1 Lasse Viren; 2 The Black Sea; 3 The rose; 4 One-sixteenth; 5 John Masefield; 6 Mind Body & Soul; 7 Hibernian; 8 Patrick McGoohan; 9 Slugs; 10 Ian Smith.
But radioactive iodine has a half-life of eight days, meaning that its effect will be reduced to half in eight days, one-fourth in 16 days and one-sixteenth in 32 days.