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Noun1.oneirism - absentminded dreaming while awakeoneirism - absentminded dreaming while awake  
dreaming, dream - imaginative thoughts indulged in while awake; "he lives in a dream that has nothing to do with reality"


n. onirismo, estado de ensoñación; soñar despierto.
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Now fans can have their very own vinyl LP -- and, to celebrate this release, the band will be joining forces with the new rock band Oneirism for a special performance at Enallax in Nicosia, just before the summer season sets in for good.
All of Tanase's novels written in the communist period aspire to the pattern of aesthetic oneirism (immediately banned because of its "formalist" character).
Thus Lucian's vision of the faun may be one of those vivid dreams of adolescence (or, given its sexually-charged oneirism, the first subconscious stirrings of eros); his wanderings in the Garden of Avallaunius, in which he defies time to explore antique civilizations and converse with Roman aristocrats, just flights of imagination; his whole account of life in London, and all its failures and triumphs, the delusions of a drugged and damaged brain; and the Pentecostal tongue of flame in his eye not a soul, but a life disappearing into the night forever.