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 (ŏn′ər-əs, ō′nər-)
1. Troublesome or oppressive; burdensome. See Synonyms at burdensome.
2. Law Entailing more liabilities than benefits or imposing significant obligations.

[Middle English, from Old French onereus, from Latin onerōsus, from onus, oner-, burden.]

on′er·ous·ly adv.
on′er·ous·ness n.
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Adv.1.onerously - in an onerous manner
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The institutes 2012 License to Work report, which studied specific licenses in all 50 states, found Arizona to have the fifth most burdensome licensing laws and called Arizona the most extensively and onerously licensed state.
It will not be long before masterpieces in every field will be placed in a single auction, so that trophy hunters may go O-iOOmph in a bid or two--rather than onerously working out for themselves what is a masterpiece and why.
Further, the investment banking activities should not only be separated but also moved to a new jurisdiction to alleviate onerously high Swiss capital requirements.
While full details of the DTA between the two countries have yet to be released, the agreement follows CambodiaEe's aggressive push to shield investors from being onerously taxed twice on multinational operations, and to improve compliance with Asean standards.
Recurrently in Ellison the mini story enclosure is the thing, made alive via vibrant description, with the mode of transit retroactively and onerously performed.
Critical to the comprehensive tax reform measure is the significant reduction in personal income taxes, long overdue as our middle class has been taxed rather onerously over the years, especially compared to our Southeast Asian neighbors.
The NFA instituted an onerously high tax on the transfer of items included under its purview, and required registration of those items to verify the taxes paid.
The path culminating in the Treaty on European Union (in 1992) was onerously laden with Britain's reservations, concerns, and objections.
I've heard many anecdotes about high certification costs, dubious scorecard points and an onerously complex system.
Concomitantly, banks and other financial institutions are facing new, complex, onerously challenging, and often contradictory regulatory, supervisory, auditory, and compliance challenges.
It is to the credit of Harris that he presents these issues in a highly skillful manner that doesn't make the mistake of sounding onerously preachy.
Most onerously, the legislation fails to protect hundreds of families, businesses and churches that have already installed solar from being hit with unfair charges.