onion bagel

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Noun1.onion bagel - bagel flavored with oniononion bagel - bagel flavored with onion    
bagel, beigel - (Yiddish) glazed yeast-raised doughnut-shaped roll with hard crust
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In the states of Washington, Oregon and Idaho the recall has been expanded to include all Oroweat Super Onion Bagel packages with an October (OCT) code date because it may contain undeclared hazelnuts.
SUPER ONION at Noah's: An impressive amount of onion topping and crustiness that really gives this bagel the flavor an onion bagel aficionado would want.
99 [pounds sterling] two-pack of Poppy Seed Onion Bagels and a 1.
There won't be any tough-talking rap outfits from Compton or the South Bronx calling themselves Onion Bagels and Cream Cheese.