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Noun1.onion roll - yeast-raised roll flavored with oniononion roll - yeast-raised roll flavored with onion
bun, roll - small rounded bread either plain or sweet
bialy, bialystoker - flat crusty-bottomed onion roll
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Items to try are the Bacon Asparagus, Baby Octopus, Pork and Enoki, Roasted Beef and Spring Onion Roll and Bacon Quail Egg.
We were surprised to find an onion roll, a cinnamon roll and a good-size hunk of pumpkin bread in the basket.
For each burger, put a grilled ground lamb* patty topped with sheep's-milk cheese* on bottom of a grilled onion roll. Set a potato chive cake and a butter lettuce leaf on top.
And if you're vegetarian, ask for ( though you might find the choice limited) the irresistible chives and water chestnut dumplings; baked radish and spring onion roll; Chinese pickled vegetables dumplings; vegetable and enoki siu mai ; fresh spicy vegetables pao ; fried green bean and onion dumplings; and of course, the unmissable custard bun.
One diner selected the crab cake sandwich ($12), a heaping portion of crab served with tomato, onion and a subtle but flavorful remoulade between an onion roll. The only flaw was the late arrival of our homemade chips.
Designed for no-fuss snacking, the Weight Watchers Cheese and Onion Roll is marketed in packs of twos or fours with each roll individually wrapped for convenience and freshness.
Harberts' signature dish at the restaurant is the Mystic Chicken Sandwich, a flame-broiled, marinated chicken breast served atop marinated slaw on an onion roll with a peanut garlic cilantro plum sauce.
Rich's[R] Full Line of fresh rolls include such tasty assortments as the Egg Onion Roll Dough, Hoagie Roll, and Fully Baked Golden Poppyseed Kaiser.
It's difficult to tell because in the same "Imagine" section, on the next page, a discussion of the function of the newspaper points out, "This is the roll most people are comfortable with newspapers playing." Onion roll, no doubt.
"Historically we catered to caterers and also did private label work," says Mitchell Feingold, principal of Miami Onion Roll Co.