onion roll

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Noun1.onion roll - yeast-raised roll flavored with oniononion roll - yeast-raised roll flavored with onion
bun, roll - small rounded bread either plain or sweet
bialy, bialystoker - flat crusty-bottomed onion roll
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Items to try are the Bacon Asparagus, Baby Octopus, Pork and Enoki, Roasted Beef and Spring Onion Roll and Bacon Quail Egg.
Dollop Idaho mustard spread onto onion roll top and set on burger.
One diner selected the crab cake sandwich ($12), a heaping portion of crab served with tomato, onion and a subtle but flavorful remoulade between an onion roll.
A small cheese and onion roll at the weekend costs 45p, while a large one costs 75p.
The Weight Watchers Cheese and Onion Roll is perfect for people who eat on the move and is the quintessential portable snack.
Harberts' signature dish at the restaurant is the Mystic Chicken Sandwich, a flame-broiled, marinated chicken breast served atop marinated slaw on an onion roll with a peanut garlic cilantro plum sauce.
Rich's[R] Full Line of fresh rolls include such tasty assortments as the Egg Onion Roll Dough, Hoagie Roll, and Fully Baked Golden Poppyseed Kaiser.
Historically we catered to caterers and also did private label work," says Mitchell Feingold, principal of Miami Onion Roll Co.
The entree consisted of grilled ham and Swiss cheese on onion roll.
We like to get there before 9am to park easily and allow plenty of time to stroll around, buy a bacon and onion roll, and check what's on offer before the crowds start flooding in for the 10.