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amyloid precursor protein


A computer application.

[Short for application.]


(Computer Science) computing (esp downloaded to a mobile device) short for application program


Computers (informal). an application program; application software.


1. apparatus.
2. apparent.
3. appendix.
4. applied.
5. appointed.
6. approved.
7. approximate.
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It advised only getting apps from its online App Store which vets programs for safety, and said it has already released some "mitigations" to protect against the exploit and planned to release a defensive update for Safari on macOS and iOS in the coming days.
The new version of its operating system, Windows 10 S, will only run applications that have been vetted by Microsoft and placed in its online app store, to prevent students from downloading software that could slow down the performance of their computers.
In July 2008, Apple produced another game-changer, one that would have a profound influence on the way we use pictures taken on our phones: the dual launch of the online App Store and the iPhone 3G.
It will be featured in Constant Contact's MarketPlace, an online app store that connects small businesses with tools and services that enable them to work faster and make smarter marketing and business decisions.
With the United States dollar rising, Apple earlier this week told software makers selling programmes through its online App Store that it's increasing app prices in the European Union, Norway, Canada and Russia because of foreign exchange rates and taxes.
HP today announced it will launch an online app store for its software-defined networking (SDN) infrastructure.
But, most apps need to be accessed from the online App store for LEAP, Airspace https://airspace.
People who have installed KitCam or PhotoForge2 apps on iPhones will still be able to use the mini-programs, but Yahoo yanked them from Apple's online App Store and planned no updates for the future.
Renault R-Link integrates touchscreen multimedia device with a curated online app store.
The aggregate daily revenue at Google Play shops across the 20 largest countries where they are available climbed 43 percent during the past four months, while sales at Apple's online App Store increased 21 percent.

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