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Adv.1.only too - to a high degree; "she is all too ready to accept the job"
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pek çok


(ˈəunli) adjective
without any others of the same type. He has no brothers or sisters – he's an only child; the only book of its kind.
1. not more than. We have only two cups left; He lives only a mile away.
2. alone. Only you can do it.
3. showing the one action done, in contrast to other possibilities. I only scolded the child – I did not smack him.
4. not longer ago than. I saw him only yesterday.
5. showing the one possible result of an action. If you do that, you'll only make him angry.
except that, but. I'd like to go, only I have to work.
only too
very. I'll be only too pleased to come.
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