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Some speakers argued for tasks to be defined from first principles in a top-down manner, whereas others suggested looking at nature (humans and other intelligent beings) for inspiration in formulating the tasks (with further discussion on whether the inspiration should come from ontogenesis or phylogenesis).
In this aspect, it was necessary to conduct comparative analysis of these reactions' activities and changes of physiological and biochemical indexes of the brain in the hatchery-bred and wild type juveniles of different ages that would promote revealing impact of milieu on degree of maturity of these functions in early ontogenesis.
Changes in the nutrient content during ontogenesis, however, are likely to occur and have already been identified in several agricultural species (Conceicao et al.
This paper intends to bring to attention the phrase "the cult of the body", from the perspective of its forms of expression during the entire human ontogenesis up to the present time, in the conditions of modern society subjugated by three factors: sedentariness, overstress, overeating.
The petro-citizen is dependent on a fast-tracked and transfigured advancement via the petro-political consequences of oil, comprises a powerful process of clarification or ontogenesis, and alters in form when setting up the plane by which the petro-citizen may prevail.
A second aspect of this metatheory is that we can take snapshot views of the person or context within a given moment or period of ontogenesis that will help to track or measure moral development and character as long as we understand these to be moments in the course of microgenetic and ontogenetic development, rather than reified and frozen entities (virtues, traits) or structures.
In this article, we determined its ecological valence and the species' tolerance with respect to climatic and soil factors; ontogenesis and the ontogenetic structure of coenopopulations are also described.
And it comes back to this distinction between ontology and ontogenesis that we were talking about earlier.
Limb muscles develop in situ from mesenchyme around the developing bones; this mesenchyme being derived from the somatic layer of the lateral plate mesoderm described 4 fundamental phases in the ontogenesis of muscle pattern.
No creo que la ontogenesis de la cultura latinoamericana sea solo nuestra.
For the first time ever, researchers have been able to grow a human embryo outside the uterus for 13 days - a significant improvement over the previous record of nine days and a development that opens a new window into the hitherto little understood stages of human ontogenesis.
Biologists consider such aspects of aphids as the ontogenesis of the pea aphid Acyrthosiphon pisum, bacterial symbionts of aphids, how variation within plant species affects aphid ecology, the function of aphid saliva in aphid-plant interaction, and aphid techniques.