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1. Of or relating to ontology.
2. Of or relating to essence or the nature of being.
3. Of or relating to the argument for the existence of God holding that the existence of the concept of God entails the existence of God.

on′to·log′i·cal·ly adv.
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This presupposes a certain understanding of quantification, namely, that it is ontologically committing, which the author challenges in this paper, arguing that the ontological loading of the quantifiers is smuggled in through restricting the domains of quantification, without which it is clear to see that quantifiers are ontologically neutral.
In the first section, he develops an interpretation of the truth of sentences as based ontologically in the deeper underlying sense of the being of entities and formally-logically in the logical structure of language, and in the second part, he considers the ontological and temporal implications of this formal structure in terms of ontological realism predicated on the maintenance of bivalence, or the requirement that each statement be either true or false or both, with respect to ontological and temporal claims, leading to a realist and paradoxical account of the ontological basis of time as experienced and thought.
preemption is when the futurity of unspecified threat is affectively held in the present in a perpetual state of potential emergence(y) so that a movement of actualization may be triggered that is not only self-propelling but also effectively, indefinitely, ontologically productive, because it works from a virtual cause whose potential no single actualization exhausts.
My novel response to the challenge from RC will be to propose two ontologically neutral metasemantic frameworks: dynamic content externalism and methodological internalism.
As previous stated, learning analytics will change education epistemologically, ontologically, systemically, and politically, and there is likely nothing that can be done to prevent these changes.
Laing (1960/1965) maintained that the experience of dialogue with another led the way for an individual to become recognized as a person, or as Laing described, an ontologically secure person.
The kare-kare was good but a little too healthy for my taste; I'm of the school of thought that believes that a light kare-kare is ontologically wrong.
a longtime student of Whitehead and an original thinker in his own right, seeks to establish a new conceptual relationship between science and religion by approaching reality as ontologically relational.
This is the case both ontologically and epistemologically.
The language was formal at first ("Since every hole is ontologically dependent on its host, being a hole is defined as being a hole in [or through' something") and ended casually ("Holes cannot be the only things.
Primarily set in this virtual world of the massive multiplayer online game called "OASIS - the Ontologically Anthropocentric Sensory Immersive Simulation" - the story describes a future where the energy crisis has peaked, the Great Recession never ended, and the world of 2044 is a grim place to be.
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