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The branch of metaphysics that deals with the nature of being.

on·tol′o·gist n.
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an expert in or student of ontology
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Positive science deals only with phenomena, yet you are foolish enough to strive to be ontologists and to deal with noumena.
Thus I am an ontologist and an existentialist and I am willing to risk extinction in order to try authentically to be, since in this moment one has only the choice between extinguishing oneself voluntarily or fighting.
If we use the example of the expected Cuban specialists, we would ask the Health ministry to deploy a nephrologist in Nyamira, ontologist in Kisii and cardiologist in Narok.
The oriental ontologist seems to have no intention to speak.
(14) Thesleff (2013) gives us a more conservative ontologist, wary of the negative and reluctant to make too much of it, least of all by countenancing Forms of that nature.
That is particularly true if you are an object-oriented ontologist, one of those, you know, that says that, "there is a world here": the cup, and then the table, and then everything else--these different worlds that are sunk inexorably into themselves.
It's here, in the ontologist's very idea of the object, that another contradiction in the philosophy appears.
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For the sake of introducing this problem early, I shall borrow the phraseology of the object oriented ontologist Levi Bryant: what we are dealing with in the eventual displacement of the current marriage is the problem of the hegemony of epistemology.
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