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A fungal infection of the fingernails or toenails that results in thickening, roughness, and splitting of the nails.

[Greek onux, onukh-, nail, claw; see onyx + mycosis.]


n onicomicosis f
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Patients of any age and of either sex with clinical suspicion of onychomycosis were included in the study.
obtained marketing and manufacturing approval for the oral antifungal agent NAILIN Capsules 100mg containing the active ingredient fosravuconazole L-lysine ethanolate (fosravuconazole) for the treatment of onychomycosis in Japan on January 19, 2018.
Onychomycosis affects 1 in every 10 Japanese people, and there are an estimated approximately 11 million sufferers in Japan.
This review of published papers has yielded 12 studies investigating the use of lasers in the treatment of onychomycosis.
To evaluate the correlation between clinical and mycological diagnosis of onychomycosis.
Onychomycosis is among the most common nail disorders in adults.
Novan is developing the product as a broad-spectrum antifungal gel to treat superficial cutaneous fungal infections of the skin and nails such as tinea pedis and onychomycosis.
Shari Lipner, MD, PhD, a dermatologist and nail specialist at Weill Cornell Medicine, says that the most common nail disease is onychomycosis, which is a fungal infection.
Eichenfield, MD, and Jenna Borok did not mention in their Pediatric Dermatology Consult column on onychomycosis (September 2016, p.
In our study, we aimed to assess onychomycosis and/or tinea pedis frequency in diabetic patients, and effects on the development of chronic complications, particularly foot ulcer.
Background: Onychomycosis is a fungal infection of the nail plate and subungual area.
com)-- Persistence Market Research (PMR) delivers key insights on the global dermatophytic onychomycosis therapeutics Market in its latest report titled "Global Market Study on Dermatophytic Onychomycosis Therapeutics (DOT): North America Expected to Account for Maximum Market Share by 2021.