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onychophagia, onychophagy

the habit of biting the fingernails.
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Some skin signs and symptoms seen in eating disorders are acrocyanosis, gingivitis, lanugo-like body hair, hard calluses, onychophagia, generalized pruritis, hyperpigmentation, poor wound healing, cheilitis, seborrhic dermatitis, acquired pili torti, alopecia, Russell's sign, carotenoderma, Sjogren syndrome like changes, brittle nails and hair, periungal erythema, melasma, steatotic skin, hypertrichosis, striae distesae, and dry scalp hair.
ISLAMABAD -- Nail biting is a bad habit that's become so common that it's earned itself the clinical name of 'onychophagia'.
The nail tic disorder that leads to various nail changes are onychophagia, onychotillomania, onychotemnomania, onychoteiromania, onychodaknomania, bidet nails, perionychotillomania and habit-tic deformity.3 Some degree of nail picking or biting appears normal and many people do these at various times in their lives.
Onychophagia, which refers to compulsive nail-biting behavior, is common among children and young adults.
Well, you might be one of the millions who suffer from onychophagia. 
For example, one topic of presentation was on Onychophagia! So what is Onychophagia?
Nail biting, also known clinically as chronic Onychophagia, is a compulsive habit of biting ones fingernails or toenails.
The event, held at Centerpoint Theatre, Ductac, Mall Of The Emirates, featured words like "Drosophilist", "Formaldehyde", "Bolshevik", "Guilloche" and "Onychophagia".
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