oojah, ooja-ka-piv, oojiboo - An oojah or ooja-ka-piv or oojiboo is "a thing whose name one forgets, does not know, or prefers not to mention."
See also related terms for mention.
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OOJIBOO (a thing whose name one forgets)--OO OO = JIB--in which both pairs of doubled letters are the same and occur at he beginning and end of the word.
X X 6 letters: EE-BREE, OODLOO 7 letters: DDOFYDD, LLOGELL (nwd), OOJIBOO 8 letters: EERSANEE, LLAN-MILL (bar) 9 letters: LLYFRGELL ((nwd) 11 letters: LLANFECHELL (bar) 12 letters: LLANSTADWELL (bar) 17 letters: LLANFAIR-YN-NEUBWLL (tig) (b) Pattern * X X 1 X X * See ...