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The cell membrane of an oocyte.

[oo- + Greek lemma, husk; see lemma2.]
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Transmission EM findings of MII oocytes were dense fibrillary zona pellucida, uniform perivitelline space, a continuous oolemma and regularly distributed microvilli.
Esse tamanho reduzido permite a passagem atraves da lamina granulosa basal do foliculo ovariano e liga-se ao receptor da apolipoproteina-B na oolemma. O processo de incorporacao dos lipidios do sangue para a gema ocorre por endocitose (KLASING, 1998).
Cells in the innermost layer of the cumulus, the corona radiate, extend cytoplasmic processes through the intervening zona pellucida to the oolemma. Gap junctions occur where the processes of cumulus cells contact the oolemma.
This is only possible if the cells are able to fuse with the oolemma and be incorporated into the oocyte.
Cortical granules were also noted in the close proximity to the oolemma. The mitochondria were distributed through the ooplasm and the number and size of vesicles were observed to increase and distributed generally (Figure 4).
After obtaining the histological preparations, ovarian stages and oocyte substages were determined through microscopic observations based on morphological characteristics of the ooplasm, oolemma, and follicular epithelium surrounding the oocyte.
We suggest that the assay is based on the endocytic uptake of the dye by the oolemma of vitellogenic oocytes.
(2005) showed bovine oocytes cultured at 41[degrees]C did not have a compromise ability to undergo nuclear progression to MII or cytoplasmic maturation (cortical granule translocation to the oolemma).