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The cell membrane of an oocyte.

[oo- + Greek lemma, husk; see lemma2.]
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Antioxidant-prooxidant balance in boar semen is an important regulator of many physiological processes, including sperm attachment to oviductal epithelial cells, capacitation and hyperactivation, binding to the oocyte zona pellucida, acrosome reaction, penetration of the zona, and fusing with and penetrate the oolemma (Bailey et al.
Cells in the innermost layer of the cumulus, the corona radiate, extend cytoplasmic processes through the intervening zona pellucida to the oolemma.
This is only possible if the cells are able to fuse with the oolemma and be incorporated into the oocyte.
After obtaining the histological preparations, ovarian stages and oocyte substages were determined through microscopic observations based on morphological characteristics of the ooplasm, oolemma, and follicular epithelium surrounding the oocyte.
We suggest that the assay is based on the endocytic uptake of the dye by the oolemma of vitellogenic oocytes.
To avoid damage to the oocyte, we maintained a large space approximately equal to the thickness of the zona pellucida that was located between the zona pellucida and the oolemma.
Vitellogenesis occurred through a process of autosynthesis, involving the combined activity of the Golgi complex, mitochondria and rough endoplasmic reticulum, and a process of heterosynthesis, in which extraovarian precursors were incorporated into oocytes by endocytotic activity at the basal region of the oolemma of the early vitellogenic oocytes.