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A sedimentary rock, usually limestone, consisting of ooliths that are cemented together.

o′o·lit′ic (-lĭt′ĭk) adj.


(Geological Science) any sedimentary rock, esp limestone, consisting of tiny spherical concentric grains within a fine matrix
[C18: from French from New Latin oolitēs, literally: egg stone; probably a translation of German Rogenstein roe stone]
oolitic adj


(ˈoʊ əˌlaɪt)

a limestone composed of minute rounded concretions resembling fish roe.
[1775–85; (< French oölithe) < New Latin oölithēs. See oo-, -lite]
o`o•lit′ic (-ˈlɪt ɪk) adj.


Sand consisting of rounded grains of carbonate known as ooids.


[ˈəʊəlaɪt] Noolito m
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Geology in the deep oolite beds from which Portland stone is extracted is not experienced as contrasting strata so much as the accretion of massy uniformity--a weightiness that Palmer links to the 'enormous quantity of death' the stone has absorbed in the millennia of its formation.
Also, fine-grained carbonate oolite and fossil shells were observed in some places.
Burgan has a Lower Cretaceous Oolite Fm, of the Minagish/Ratawi type.
It is the field's first sour gathering centre and it will process crude oil and associated gas recovered from the Arifjan, Marat, Minagish Oolite and Burgan Wara high Hydrogen Sulphide fields.
Du, Natural Gas Exploration of Permian--Triassic Reef & Oolite in Sichuan Basin, Petroleum Industry Press, Beijing, China, 2010.
For instance, Costa carefully if rather repetitively--records the different thoughts that each man made of mutual readings and common evidence, such as Didelphys of the Oolite, a fossil marsupial (110-11); Ctenomys, a semi-blind burrowing rodent (112); the cells of honeybees (119); and broader concerns like geographical distribution.
Solo has today been informed by UK Oil & Gas Investments PLC ("UKOG"), its partner in the recently announced UK 14th Round Licence award on the Isle of Wight, that a volumetric analysis carried out independently by Xodus Group Ltd ("Xodus") calculates that the historic Arreton-2 well, now interpreted to be an undeveloped oil discovery ("Arreton Main"), and the adjacent low-risk Arreton North and South Prospects ("Arreton Prospects") may contain an aggregate gross Best Estimate ("P50") Oil in Place ("OIP") of 219 million barrels ("mmbbls") within Purbeck, Portland and Inferior Oolite limestone reservoirs.
There is much that is familiar in Sanpete Valley and reminiscent of places the Mormons had been before--the Midwest, the East, Scandinavia--and materials that were new, such as adobe bricks or the oolite limestone indigenous to the area.
The acquired licence includes the Markwells Wood-1 Great Oolite oil discovery.
the Bara Oolite Member of the Halla Formation in Gotland (Calner & Sall 1999) or the Limberlost oolite of the Cincinnati Arch (Brett et al.
Building materials were chosen with a sophisticated eye: mahogany and clear Douglas fir window and door interiors: teak cabinetry throughout; floors made of Philippine shell stone and white oak graded a bit roughly to give them a beachy feel; warm Sipo African mahogany interior and exteriors, oolite stone wall cladding, and walkways and courtyards of South Florida dense coral stone that looks as if it were lifted from the Hemingway estate in Key West.