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A small, round grain consisting of concentric layers of calcium carbonate, silica, or dolomite that have precipitated around a shell fragment, sand grain, pellet of alga, or other central object. Also called ooid.

[oo- (since ooliths resemble fish roe in texture and appearance) + -lith.]

o′o·lith′ic adj.


(Geological Science) any of the tiny spherical grains of sedimentary rock of which oolite is composed
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Siliciclastic material is mostly represented by clay, except in the Aseri Formation, where phosphatic or goethitic ooliths and admixture of quartz sand are recorded.
3] from the warm highly saline agitated water leads to the production of ooliths (sand grains with a core surrounded by concentric layers of calcium carbonate).
The iron-ooid interval in Aguilon includes several limestone bands with abundant, small-size, well-sorted ooliths.