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Variant of umiak.


(ˈuːmɪˌæk) or


(Nautical Terms) other words for umiak
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In fact, his first publication after returning from Labrador was not the expedition account, but a June 1907 article for International Marine Engineering (IME) entitled "Eskimo and Indian Boats of Labrador," wherein he describes the canoe, kayak, and oomiak in intimate technical and anthropological detail, without ever noting that he has been to Labrador.
Beach said, reminiscently, as he toyed idly with an oomiak, 'we used to have fine times dancing with them up there.
Unfortunately, OOMIAC, OOMIACK, OOMIAK, UMIAC, UMIACK, UMIAK, and UMIAQ all exist in our dictionary, so the user will have to know which one!