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 (o͞om′pä, o͝om′-) also oom·pah-pah (o͞om′pä′pä′, o͝om′-)
A rhythmic sound made by a tuba or other brass instrument.

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a representation of the sound made by a deep brass instrument, esp in military band music
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(ˈum pɑ, ˈʊm-)

also oom′pah-pah`,

1. a repetitive, rhythmic bass accompaniment in music typically provided by brasses.
2. marked by an oompah: an oompah band.
[1875–80; imitative]
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[ˈuːmpɑː] Nchumpa f
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I have often watched with a tinge of nostalgia those Italian, and/or Spanish movies depicting religious processions wending their way through narrow, winding streets, 'oompah-pah' brass bands setting the funereal pace, and masses of candle-carrying devotees following hard at the heels of saintly images borne aloft on carriages, or upon the shoulders of devotees.
"Polka Heartland: Why the Midwest Loves to Polka" by author, folklorist, and polka enthusiast Rick Mareh wonderfully captures the beat that pulses in the heart of Midwestern musical culture and offers up the fascinating history of how "oompah-pah" sound of polka music came to be the sound of middle America.
Yes, these stalwarts of the oompah-pah are a dying breed, and it could be the case that these ensembles cease to exist altogether in the next decade or so.
"A woman came in," Steve continues, "she took out some photos of the Bier Keller and it was totally different to what it is now, and all the girls were standing about in their oompah-pah uniforms.
I sometimes fantasized about being brought on to the oompah-pah of the United States Marine Corps Band, the brassy beat of a Mariachi string orchestra or the feathered elegance of a Mummers parade troupe from Philadelphia.
The Wellington Hotel on Seventh Avenue picks up on the world-in-a-city theme as we check in behind a Bavarian oompah-pah band clutching flugelhorns and wearing lederhosen.
To the trill of accordion and oompah-pah, the words of the "processional hymn" jumble forth in a brisk polka tempo:
To help them make their minds up, Judas is happy to share this candid snap of Daum, clad in lederhosen and clearly under the influence of oompah-pah music.
In one of the references to music, the compiler refers to the March of the Dragoons in Patience as a "catchy oompah-pah tune," a description of dubious specificity and, at that, quite incorrect, since it obviously refers to a waltz beat (p.
A little bit of Strauss oompah-pah, with chocolates and liqueurs courtesy of Drucker's Cake shop is just the thing to usher in a Viennese night for the new century.
Also from Romania, Fanfare Ciocarlia's rousing 11-man brass band oompah-pahs with Germanic gravitas, then races weightlessly into flights of melodic fancy.