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n. pl. o·o·the·cae (-sē)
The usually hardened egg case of certain invertebrates, such as a cockroach.

o′o·the′cal adj.


n, pl -cae (-siː)
(Zoology) a capsule containing eggs that is produced by some insects and molluscs
[C19: New Latin, from oo- + thēkē case]
ˌooˈthecal adj


(ˌoʊ əˈθi kə)

n., pl. -cae (-sē).
a case or capsule containing eggs, as that of certain insects and mollusks.
[1850–55; < New Latin; see oo-, theca]
o`o•the′cal, adj.
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These 3 genera are placed in the Pseudophyllodromiinae owing to the genital hook on the right side and ootheca not rotated prior to deposition.
When a mother cockroach lays eggs, up to 40 cockroaches are contained inside an ootheca, a capsule-like membrane.
Gravid females are immediately distinguishable by the developing ootheca contained in an expanded brood sac (Figure 5).