ooze out

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Verb1.ooze out - release (a liquid) in drops or small quantities; "exude sweat through the pores"
distil, distill - give off (a liquid); "The doctor distilled a few drops of disinfectant onto the wound"
reek, fume - be wet with sweat or blood, as of one's face
transpire - give off (water) through the skin
extravasate - geology: cause molten material, such as lava, to pour forth
stream - exude profusely; "She was streaming with sweat"; "His nose streamed blood"
gum - exude or form gum; "these trees gum in the Spring"
secrete, release - generate and separate from cells or bodily fluids; "secrete digestive juices"; "release a hormone into the blood stream"
egest, excrete, eliminate, pass - eliminate from the body; "Pass a kidney stone"
froth - exude or expel foam; "the angry man was frothing at the mouth"
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w>ooze out

viherausquellen; (water, blood etc)heraussickern
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That silence seemed to ooze out of the ground, to hang under the foliage of the black maple trees with the bats and shadows.
When there is a 'Stop', the milk will not go into the stomach, but will ooze out. This might also be a symptom, that it may be either due congenital or existence of a tumor.
See those images attached about the oral cavity, and the nasal cavity all joining the Esophagus and once there is a 'Stop' in Esophagus there is a tendency for the bottle-fed milk to ooze out through mouth and nose.