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ooze 1

v. oozed, ooz·ing, ooz·es
1. To flow or leak out slowly, as through small openings.
2. To disappear or ebb slowly: His courage oozed away.
3. To progress slowly but steadily: "Over grass bleached colorless by strong outback sun, the herd oozes forward" (Geraldine Brooks).
4. To exude moisture.
5. To emit a particular essence or quality: The house oozed with charm.
1. To give off; exude.
2. To emit or radiate in abundance: She oozes confidence.
1. The act of oozing.
2. Something that oozes.
3. An infusion of plant material, as from oak bark, formerly used in tanning.

[Middle English wosen, from wose, juice, from Old English wōs; akin to Danish dialectal os.]

ooze 2

1. Soft mud or slime.
2. A layer of mudlike sediment on the floor of oceans and lakes, composed chiefly of remains of microscopic sea animals.
3. Muddy ground.

[From Early Modern English oase, ooze (probably influenced by ooze), from Middle English wose, from Old English wāse; akin to Danish dialectal vejs.]
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Noun1.oozing - the process of seepingoozing - the process of seeping    
flow, flowing - the motion characteristic of fluids (liquids or gases)
exudation, transudation - the process of exuding; the slow escape of liquids from blood vessels through pores or breaks in the cell membranes
Adj.1.oozing - leaking out slowly
leaky - permitting the unwanted passage of fluids or gases ; "a leaky roof"; "a leaky defense system"


n. exudado; supuración.
References in classic literature ?
In every gallery in Europe there are hideous pictures of blood, carnage, oozing brains, putrefaction--pictures portraying intolerable suffering--pictures alive with every conceivable horror, wrought out in dreadful detail--and similar pictures are being put on the canvas every day and publicly exhibited--without a growl from anybody--for they are innocent, they are inoffensive, being works of art.
Yet suicide, quick or slow, a sudden spill or a gradual oozing away through the years, is the price John Barleycorn exacts.
Arrived at the foot of the mountain, the travellers found a rill of water oozing out of the earth, and resembling in look and taste, the water of the Missouri.
He looked at the other reproachfully, tears oozing into his eyes and down his cheeks.
Let me take off your coat --and your boots; they're oozing water.
I was never warm; my teeth chattered in my head; I was troubled with a very sore throat, such as I had on the isle; I had a painful stitch in my side, which never left me; and when I slept in my wet bed, with the rain beating above and the mud oozing below me, it was to live over again in fancy the worst part of my adventures -- to see the tower of Shaws lit by lightning, Ransome carried below on the men's backs, Shuan dying on the round-house floor, or Colin Campbell grasping at the bosom of his coat.
There has long been the implication of some form of oozing materiality in my work.
Taste the Difference Ultimate Steak Burgers (340g), PS3, Sainsbury's Cooked to perfection with just a small amount of fat oozing out.
Cooked very evenly, with just a tiny bit of fat oozing out, and looked appetising.
Islamabad -- Oozing gutters, gushing sewages and dilapidated roads have become a nuisance for residents of Sector I-10.
If branches that have sap oozing are mostly dead, they can be pruned off.
But the execution is flawless, Alan oozing star quality like Lassie oozed rabies.