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or Op-Ed  (ŏp′ĕd′)
Of or being a newspaper page, usually opposite the editorial page, that features signed articles expressing personal viewpoints.


(Journalism & Publishing)
a. a page of a newspaper where varying opinions are expressed by columnists, commentators, etc
b. (as modifier): an op-ed column in the New York Times.
[C20: from op(posite) ed(itorial page)]


a newspaper page or section devoted to signed articles by commentators, essayists, etc., and sometimes to letters from readers.
[1965–70, Amer.; op(posite)ed(itorial page)]


[ˈɒpˈed] (esp US) ADJ ABBR, N ABBR (Press) =opposite editorial Op-Ed (page)página f de tribuna
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The foreign minister's op-ed letter also leveled honest criticism at the UN for its unwillingness to address the undue influence that Beijing wields over the organization and its leadership.
Walsh, a North Barrington native, has not responded to the Daily Herald's requests for comment on that op-ed.
The op-ed is the most extensive articulation of her Mideast views since a controversy erupted over remarks she made at a public event last month that Jewish Democrats and others felt invoked an anti-Semitic slander.
"And this is really dangerous." The embassy meanwhile asked Sme to publish a response to the op-ed.
But an op-ed is defined as an article that expresses the opinion of the writer.
[USA], Jan 02 ( ANI ): United States President Donald Trump on Wednesday hit back at the Republican senator-elect Mitt Romney for his Op-ed article which stated that Trump "has not risen to the mantle of the office."
In the op-ed, Rice wrote that the US' national security decision-making process is "more broken" than at any time since 1947, when the National Security Act become law.
Trump's latest remarks indicate he wants to use the machinery of the government to root out the source of the op-ed, which described some administration officials as being in a state of near mutiny against a president they view as dangerous and untethered from reality.
The op-ed, which I co-authored with Larry Alexander of the University of San Diego Law School, appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer on Aug.
Maria Syms, R-Paradise Valley, impugned the #RedForEd leaders in an op-ed she wrote that was published in the Arizona Republic on April 24.
Jill McCabe, wife of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe who has been the target of President Donald Trump's indignation, on Monday set the record straight in a (https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/jill-mccabe-the-president-attacked-my-reputation-its-time-to-set-the-record-straight/2018/04/02/e6bbcf66-366b-11e8-8fd2-49fe3c675a89_story.html?utm_term=.d15dd2763e30) Washington Post op-ed.
Taking the adage that "All politics is local" to heart, the Independent Community Bankers of America is urging bankers to submit to their local newspapers a boilerplate op-ed blasting the credit union tax exemption.