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Noun1.opacification - the process of becoming cloudy or opaque
natural action, natural process, action, activity - a process existing in or produced by nature (rather than by the intent of human beings); "the action of natural forces"; "volcanic activity"
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n. opacificación, proceso de opacar.
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The study showed that women with the highest intakes of vitamins C and E, riboflavin, folate, beta carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin had a lower prevalence of nuclear opacification than did those with the lowest intakes of those nutrients.
The most common complication is formation of a secondary opacification (known as posterior capsular opacification) behind the new lens implant, Berman says.
The sidehole pattern and unique tip shape allow for opacification of the aorta from distal vessels - without obscuring the image by filling of the superior mesenteric artery.
These findings included total opacification, pansinusitis, and polyp formation.
The radiologic sinusitislike changes included total opacification, an air-fluid level, or more than 5-mm mucosal thickening.
Catalase activity (i.e., the ability to convert [H.sub.2][O.sub.2] into [O.sub.2] in the epithelial cells of the dogfish lens) is inhibited by UVA irradiation (1,2), and this causes lens opacification. We have examined the catalase activities of the corneas and lenses of intact dogfish eyes.
* Increased lung opacification. When diffuse lung opacification becomes visible, it usually is the result of nonexpanded alveoli with little or no terminal airway aeration.
The Muslim Education Society set up a medical camp in a village near Khartoum where doctors working with the group performed cataract surgery, which is also called lens replacement surgery and is the replacement of the natural lens of the eye that has developed opacification. According to
Incomplete opacification is more likely to occur in voluminous structures, such as the bladder and capacious collecting systems (Figures 3, 4), where the increased surface area of urothelium corresponds to increased likelihood of UC.
Methods: In an institution, 65 eyes of 65 consecutive pseudophakic patients with posterior capsule opacification underwent Nd:YAG laser capsulotomy.
Keywords: Brimonidine, Capsular opacification, Nd: YAG laser, Posterior capsule of lens.
Posterior capsular rupture was noticed in 8(1.6%) patients and posterior capsular opacification within 3 months post-operatively was noticed in only 6(1.2%) patients (Table-3).