open fracture

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: fracture - bone fracture associated with lacerated soft tissue or an open wound
fracture, break - breaking of hard tissue such as bone; "it was a nasty fracture"; "the break seems to have been caused by a fall"
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In addition to a detailed examination of the open fracture itself and associated soft tissue injury, careful investigation of any neurovascular injury must also be undertaken.
"It was worrying for a time because it was an open fracture, and it has taken a lot longer to heal than originally thought," said Messenger who, at the time of the accident, had made his best start to a season with ten winners.
RAF Valley 22 Squadron were called to assist and scrambled their helicopter before lowering a 150ft winch down to the man, who had cut his head and hip and had an open fracture to his arm.
"A police officer was supporting his head, which had a massive trauma open fracture to the back.
But it can even be caused by a simple chest or tooth infection and doctors also say anyone who suffers an open fracture or has an operation on a bone is at risk - even though it is a very small risk.
Overall, 47 (98%) patients had closed fracture and only one (2%) had open fracture. Eighteen patients (37.5%) and 30 patients (62.5%) had involvement of the dominant and non-dominant extremity respectively.
She said the charity took Flint in and paid for his operation when he faced being put to sleep as he had an open fracture to his leg.
He thrown from his bike and skidded into the central reservation, causing an open fracture to his wrist, a fractured ankle and pelvis.
X-rays showed he had an open fracture of both bones in his lower left leg.
Open fracture care timing is controversial as discussed previously.
The victim had suffered an open fracture to his lower left leg and a closed fracture below his knee on his right leg, as well as suspected pelvic and spinal injuries.
The driver of that car suffered an open fracture of his foot, fractured ribs and fractures to his left clavicle and wrist, he said.