open on to

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يُطِل على
opnast út á
viesť na
-e açılmak

w>open on to

vi +prep obj (window)gehen auf (+acc); (door also)führen auf (+acc)
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(ˈəupən) adjective
1. not shut, allowing entry or exit. an open box; The gate is wide open.
2. allowing the inside to be seen. an open book.
3. ready for business etc. The shop is open on Sunday afternoons; After the fog had cleared, the airport was soon open again; The gardens are open to the public.
4. not kept secret. an open show of affection.
5. frank. He was very open with me about his work.
6. still being considered etc. Leave the matter open.
7. empty, with no trees, buildings etc. I like to be out in the open country; an open space.
1. to make or become open. He opened the door; The door opened; The new shop opened last week.
2. to begin. He opened the meeting with a speech of welcome.
ˈopener noun
something that opens (something). a tin-opener.
ˈopening noun
1. a hole; a clear or open space. an opening in the fence/forest.
2. a beginning. the opening of the film; (also adjective) the chairman's opening remarks.
3. the act of becoming or making open, the ceremony of making open. the opening of a flower/shop/door; the opening of the new theatre.
4. an opportunity for work. There are good openings in the automobile industry.
ˈopenly adverb
frankly. She talked very openly about it.
ˈopen-air adjective
outside. an open-air meeting.
ˌopen-ˈminded adjective
willing to consider new ideas. an open-minded approach to the problem.
ˌopen-ˈplan adjective
(of a building) built with few walls inside. an open-plan office.
be an open secret
to be known to many people although supposed to be a secret. It's an open secret that she's getting married next week.
bring (something) out into the open
to make (something) public. This affair has been kept a secret for too long – it's time it was brought out into the open.
in the open
outside; in the open air. It's very healthy for children to be able to play in the open.
in the open air
not in a building. If it doesn't rain, we'll have the party in the open air.
keep/have an open mind
to have a willingness to listen to or accept new ideas, other people's suggestions etc (eg before making a decision). It doesn't seem to be a very good plan, but I think we should keep an open mind about it for the time being.
open on to
(of a door etc) to open towards. Our front door opens straight on to the street.
the open sea
any area of sea far from land. When they reached the open sea, they were faced with large waves.
open to
1. likely or willing to receive. open to charges of corruption; open to suggestions from any member of staff.
2. possible. There are only two courses of action open to us.
open up
1. to open (a shop etc). I open up the shop at nine o'clock every morning.
2. to open (a box etc) completely. He opened up the parcel.
3. to open the (main) door of a building etc. `Open up!' shouted the policeman. `We know you are in there!'
with open arms
in a very friendly way. They received their visitors with open arms.
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