open sight

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: sight - rear gunsight having an open notch instead of a peephole or telescope
gunsight, gun-sight - a sight used for aiming a gun
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A writhing horror twisted itself across his features, like a snake gliding swiftly over them, and making one little pause, with all its wreathed intervolutions in open sight. His face darkened with some powerful emotion, which, nevertheless, he so instantaneously controlled by an effort of his will, that, save at a single moment, its expression might have passed for calmness.
These buffaloes have crossed their path, and in chasing the animals, bad luck has led them in open sight of the hill on which the brood of Ishmael have harboured.
But first from under shadie arborous roof, Soon as they forth were come to open sight Of day-spring, and the Sun, who scarce up risen With wheels yet hov'ring o're the Ocean brim, Shot paralel to the earth his dewie ray, Discovering in wide Lantskip all the East Of Paradise and EDENS happie Plains, Lowly they bow'd adoring, and began Thir Orisons, each Morning duly paid In various style, for neither various style Nor holy rapture wanted they to praise Thir Maker, in fit strains pronounc't or sung Unmeditated, such prompt eloquence Flowd from thir lips, in Prose or numerous Verse, More tuneable then needed Lute or Harp To add more sweetness, and they thus began.
An aperture gives you more precise aim than an open sight. A big hole gives you quicker aim and brighter sight pictures, but "ghost rings" can be too big if you crawl the stock.
Watch carefully where the scope objective lens comes near the rear open sight. The objective lens on the scope used is 32mm, which required a small amount of metal removed from the left wing of the open sight.
The gun is cocked by pulling back a serrated handle located behind and below the rear open sight. The sights are not adjustable in any way.
The '03 had a barrel-mounted open sight, fully adjustable for windage and elevation, whereas '17s had a peep sight which could be moved for elevation but not for windage.
Pros: Allows precise aiming with minimal weight or bulk; increased depth of field makes it a much better choice than the open sight for farsighted hunters; receiver-mounted style is extremely durable.
The best open sight I have tried is the fully adjustable Williams Slugger, and since it clamps to the ventilated rib of a shotgun barrel, it is easy to install.
With open sight lines from the great room to the dining area and kitchen, it's perfect for entertaining.
The standard leaf-style open sight remains usable while viewing over the newly-mounted base when the Aimpoint sight is removed.