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Of or relating to information that is freely available to the public at no cost, especially on the internet: an open-access journal.
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By serving as a scholarly publishing platform, institutional repository empowers the institute to take control of its research output while ensuring accessibility to the institution's research output in an open-access background.
Paul Ayris, Pro-Vice-Provost at UCL Library Services, said: 'Institutional open-access publishing is transformative, being a completely new model of how universities engage with readers and with society.
The peer-reviewed articles appearing in BAMS were provided as open-access content when they first went online two decades ago.
Many open-access advocates prefer so-called "green open access," under which universities or academic disciplines create electronic repositories of peer-reviewed work that can be accessed for free by anyone with an internet connection.
This website provides authors with a comprehensive overview of the numerous open-access publishing options provided by Thieme.
That subscription fees remain high despite the advent of the Internet, which effectively reduces the journal's distribution cost close to zero, has led to dissatisfaction with the traditional business model and to the proposal of an alternative: the open-access model.
"Open-access (OA) literature is digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions.
Especially in the humanities senior and tenured scholars tend to treat open-access publication as complements rather than substitutes to the publication of their work in print journals.
In 2010, SPARC published a report, "Campus-Based Open-Access Publishing Funds: A Practical Guide to Design and Implementation," containing a series of resources, best practices, implementation tools, and case studies designed to share the experiences of early adopters of this practice (
(7) Of greater concern, however, is the use of publication and submission fees as a replacement for subscription fees among open-access journals.
As of the beginning of 2014, Wildlife Biology will be published as an online only, open-access journal.