open-end fund

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: fund - a regulated investment company with a pool of assets that regularly sells and redeems its sharesopen-end fund - a regulated investment company with a pool of assets that regularly sells and redeems its shares
investment company, investment firm, investment trust, fund - a financial institution that sells shares to individuals and invests in securities issued by other companies
index fund - a mutual fund that invests in the stocks that are the basis of a well-known stock or bond index
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The decrease was due to market depreciation of USD639 million and distributions of USD498 million, partially offset by total net inflows of USD378 million, comprised of open-end fund net inflows of USD243 million and institutional net inflows of USD135 million.
The distribution announced for JS Fund of Funds, the only open-end fund of funds in Pakistan, is Rs.
The $109 billion sector has been rocked by scandal in recent months after a run to cash out of a Deutsche Bank fund and two KanAm funds forced all three to be frozen--a nearly unprecedented event in the history of the German open-end fund business.
The open-end fund, (Nasdaq:PRMAX) seeks as high a rate of current income as Putnam believes is consistent with capital preservation.
0 billion, comprised of institutional net inflows of USD727 million, open-end fund net inflows of USD273 million and market appreciation of USD622 million, partially offset by distributions of USD274 million.
The Funds were quoted under Open-end Fund sector of the Ready Board Quotation of the Exchange, and in this regard a briefing was organised by the Bank.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-August 19, 2015-Federated Enhanced Treasury Income Fund converts to open-end fund
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 14, 2015-Fort Dearborn Income Securities' board approves conversion to open-end fund