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Of or related to a clinical trial in which both the researcher and the participant know whether an administered treatment is an experimental drug or a placebo.
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In summary, the authors suggest that the results from this open-label trial indicate that ZYN002 may be an effective treatment for many behavioral and emotional symptoms associated with FXS although the study's findings are limited by the open label design and small sample size.
It received approval based on the findings of the EMPOWER-CSCC-1 (Study 1540) trial, which is an open-label, non-randomized phase two study.
The open-label phase II extension study, MIV-711-202, assessed the safety, tolerability and efficacy of six additional months of treatment with MIV-711 in patients treated in the initial study for six months who showed evidence of response and the safety, tolerability and efficacy of six months of treatment with MIV-711 in patients who received placebo in the initial study and whose osteoarthritis worsened.
Rockson, M.D., from Stanford University School of Medicine in California, and colleagues conducted an exploratory open-label trial involving patients with primary or secondary lymphedema.
A review of five studies, involving 260 patients, published last month found that "open-label" placebos - those that patients know contain no active medication - can improve symptoms in a range of conditions.
DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA -- On demand preexposure prophylaxis using oral antiretroviral therapy taken by men as little as 2 hours before engaging in high-risk sex with other men proved even more effective in preventing HIV transmission in the IPERGAY open-label extension study than in the original randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled IPERGAY trial, Jean-Michel Molina, MD, reported at the 21st International AIDS Conference.
One is a single-dose, open-label study of children aged 4 years to under 6 years; the second is a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled titration study of children aged 4-5 years; and the third is a 1-year, open-label safety study of patients aged 4-5 years.
After the double-blinded period, all patients entered 24 weeks of open-label treatment with eltrombopag (Lancet.
Release date- 22102012 - Abbott Park, Illinois (NYSE: ABT) - Abbott today announced results from an analysis of three-year long-term data from an ongoing open-label extension of the HUMIRA (adalimumab) ULTRA 1 and ULTRA 2 studies.
Open HART is an open-label safety extension to the company's North American Phase IIb trial, tagged HART.