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Adj.1.opencut - (of mines and mining) worked from the exposed surface; "opencast mining"; "an opencut iron mine"
mining, excavation - the act of extracting ores or coal etc from the earth
surface - on the surface; "surface materials of the moon"
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The Department of Environmental Quality is seeking public comment on an Opencut mining permit application for a 26.
announced that its joint venture team was awarded an engineering, procurement and construction contract for BHP's Spence Growth Option project at the Spence opencut copper mine in northern Chile.
Left, construction of the Bewick Drift opencut section, 1967; right, Lynemouth Colliery, 1962
The original plan called for burying the pipe by opencut construction using 100,000-pound excavators with extended booms working off barges, to excavate a trench underwater and allow the pipe to be installed and then backfilled.
KOPEX recommended that the option of access from an opencut highwall should be pursued as part of the future studies.
The report of Stetefeldt (1889), while considerably less celebratory, argued nevertheless for a program of large-scale, mostly opencut mining and offered detailed suggestions for the building of infrastructure, securing of labor and transporting of ore.
Evans M, Emmerton B, Bell LC, Whiteman PC (1980) Defining rehabilitation limitations and alternatives for a new mine--he approach at the Gregory opencut coal mine, central Queensland.
Probably one of our biggest cultural issues was that we had a lot of underground people coming out, and the underground guys work really closely together and there are not a lot of similarities between underground production and opencut production.
The mines that contributed most to this increase were Bowen Central, Coppabella, Newlands opencut and underground, Peak Downs and Saraji in the Northern district, Curragh, Gregory, Norwich Park, and Oaky Creek in the Central district, and Callide/Boundary Hill in the Southern district.
The mine will produce up to 15 Mt/y (run-of-mine), using truck and shovel methods in a multi-seam opencut.
Opencut placer miners pump water from nearby streams to run through their sluice boxes.
8 Huolinhe Opencut Coal Industry Corporation Limited of Inner Mongolia