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Noun1.opening move - the first of a series of actions
commencement, start, beginning - the act of starting something; "he was responsible for the beginning of negotiations"
curtain raiser - any preliminary activity
first base - the initial stage in accomplishing something; "we didn't get to first base with that approach"
peace initiative - opening move in negotiating a peace treaty
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After taking a few quick trades in the opening move above $3, SINT consolidated and I watched the tape for volume to pick back up as traders bumped against resistance at $2.90.
Summary: Madrid make opening move for Chelsea's Belgian star
Summary: President Donald Trump Monday told Congress to slash funding for foreign aid and the State Department and increase spending for the military and the wall he wants to build on the U.S.-Mexico border in his 2020 budget, the opening move in his next funding fight with Congress.
Though still the situation is in a flux, yet the opening move of enemy and its accomplices has been convincingly defeated.
The Shiite terrorist group is reportedly concerned that the Israeli operation to neutralize its cross-border terror tunnels is the opening move to a wider military campaign, the reports said.
Short explained: "I drew the white pieces and began with my customary opening move, 1.e4.
My opening move would be to use our most potent temptations to lure him to some obscure island where he can do no harm.
In his opening move towards his stated aim of making England the "most dominant" team in world rugby, the no-nonsense Aussie (far left) is understood to have axed World Cup quartet Tom Wood, Ben Morgan, Brad Barritt and Geoff Parling.
Spurs have been linked with Berahino for much of the summer and finally made their opening move for the England Under-21 international yesterday.
The Wall Street Journal reported on November 2 that the United States had blocked China's efforts to use the Apec summit to push for the launch of a feasibility study on the FTAAP, a move typically seen as an opening move in negotiations.