opéra bouffe

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o·pé·ra bouffe

 (ŏp′ər-ə bo͞of′, ŏp′rə, ô-pā-rä bo͞of′)
A comic, often farcical opera.

[French, from Italian opera buffa; see opera buffa.]

opéra bouffe

(ˈɒpərə ˈbuːf; French ɔpera buf)
n, pl opéras bouffes (French ɔpera buf)
(Music, other) a type of light or satirical opera common in France during the 19th century
[from French: comic opera]
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Noun1.opera bouffe - opera with a happy ending and in which some of the text is spoken
opera - a drama set to music; consists of singing with orchestral accompaniment and an orchestral overture and interludes
light opera, operetta - a short amusing opera
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Chapter 3, another broad contextual chapter, explores the impact of the Panic of 1873 on opera, particularly on how foreign-language opera came to be widely seen as expensive and elitist (largely because of steep fees charged by Italian stars and high ticket prices) and how Americans increasingly preferred other forms of theatrical entertainment, such as opera bouffe, comic opera, extravaganza, and English-language grand opera.
Matthew Hoch, who serves as editor for the series, contributed the chapter "Defining Light Opera," in which he identifies the subgenres encompassed by the term light opera: intermezzi, Singspiel, opera bouffe, Viennese and American operetta, English comic opera, and zarzuela.
Here, it seemed, was the opera bouffe climax of Trump's campaign against the media, a bizarro-world spectacle that both encapsulated and parodied the president's animus toward a major democratic institution.
Using the early wind music as evidence, she uncovers echoes of Sacre, Petrushka, and especially Mavra, his polarising 1924 opera bouffe. Regarding this period overall, Kelly writes that "les premieres pieces pour instruments a vent de Poulenc sont plus qu'une imitation d'eleve et constituent des etudes tres revelatrices" (the early wind sonatas represent more than student imitations, but rather highly revelatory pieces; p.
Regarding the fiasco of its 1838 Paris premiere, the poet Theophile Gauthier exclaimed "why didn't they just write that it's an Opera bouffe?" The problem is much more complicated than that.
What is the main characteristic of opera bouffe? 6.
In particular, the Hyers Sisters were known as "one of the best opera bouffe troops in America" (Southern 254).
This was its first performance in England, and the first serious production of opera bouffe in English (Hibbert 26).
The book begins with a biographical sketch of Hemingway, followed by a very brief first chapter, titled "A Serious Man." Here Mort questions some of the ostensibly accepted concepts about the 1942-43 patrols--and offers a seed of the investigative focus: "Was it all just bravado, a farce, an unintentional opera bouffe, the product of a blustering middle-aged man playing at war while actually just fishing" (17)?
Lecocq, Charles, Girofle-Girofla (1874), opera bouffe
As the '90s progressed, Vince McMahon's World Wrestling Federation offered less physical action and more opera bouffe; at the UFC, the plot points were confined to snapped noses and separated shoulders, and no combatant ever stepped into the ring wearing an outfit a Cher impersonator might covet.
But Atwood reduces it all to opera bouffe. The maids are innocent victims of some archaic machismo but they are also chorus girls piping out ditties.