opera buffa

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o·pe·ra buf·fa

 (ŏp′ər-ə bo͞o′fə, ŏp′rə, ō′pĕ-rä bo͞of′fä)
An Italian comic opera of the 1700s.

[Italian : opera, opera + buffa, feminine of buffo, comic.]
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opera buffa

(ˈbuːfə; Italian ˈopera ˈbuffa)
n, pl opera buffas or opere buffe (Italian ˈopere ˈbuffe)
(Music, other) comic opera, esp that originating in Italy during the 18th century
[from Italian: comic opera]
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o•pe•ra buf•fa

(ˈɒp ər ə ˈbu fə, ˈɒp rə; It. ˈɔ pɛ rɑ ˈbuf fɑ)
Italian farcical comic opera originating in the 18th century and containing recitatives, patter songs, and ensemble finales.
[1795–1805; < Italian]
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When the 1774-75 season opened the new management (1) decided to promote more light-hearted opera buffa in addition to opera sen a-.
It was just as well for poor Hector Crouch that Brighton could not offer a seven-figure purse, as a slip on Opera Buffa ruled him out of riding Gary Moore's big-race winner 30 minutes later.
Le novita che porto all'opera buffa napoletana, tra cui l'invenzione del finale Ensemble e il dramma giocoso (6), hanno dimostrato che egli e stato molto bravo a rivedere le precedenti tradizioni dell'opera buffa.
The 'hardline vs moderate' comedy played in Tehran reminds me of the French Opera Buffa in which two seductive girls adopt opposite profiles.
Published in 1995, the book came out when this nation was on a rebound from the tragedies and opera buffa brought about by the dictatorship and the long martial law years.
Manitoba Opera closed its 18/19 season with Rossini's two-act opera buffa The Barber of Seville staged by Montreal's Alain Gauthier, featuring the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra led with finesse by Tyrone Paterson.
In this Welsh National Opera production she has moved Donizetti's opera buffa from 19th century Rome to 21st century Cardiff and peppered the libretto with lots of "aaarlrite mate" and "what's occuring".
The Barber of Seville is an opera buffa in two acts by Gioachino Rossini.
Tickets to the Pafos Aphrodite Festival tend to sell like hot cakes, so grab that phone and get booking… This is opera buffa at its absolute best!
By no means his first opera, La Finta Semplice was composed when Mozart was all of 12, and probably forced on him when his grasping father Leopold mistook a throwaway remark for a commission (what, no contract?), Its plot is typical opera buffa silliness, by Goldoni out of the commedia dell'arte, but we do get one presage of the mature Mozart when he was to work with the brilliant librettist da Ponte: the resourcefulness of serving-maids (think Susanna, think Despina).