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Noun1.opera company - a company that produces operasopera company - a company that produces operas  
troupe, company - organization of performers and associated personnel (especially theatrical); "the traveling company all stayed at the same hotel"
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"I seldom sing in public, for fear they might want me to start an opera company," remarked the Shaggy Man, who was pleased to know his effort was appreciated.
He held a thick envelope between his finger and thumb, as if the notice from the opera company had become in some way inseparably attached to it.
Philippine Opera Company (POC) will mark its 20th anniversary with the production of Stephen Sondheim's Tony-winning musical, 'Passion,' on Sept.
An opera company will be performing a special concert to raise cash for two of its members.
Chapter 4 turns to Effie Ober's Boston Ideal Opera Company, the success of which is largely owed to Ober's familiarity with the lyceum lecture circuit, which she made use of when booking her company's tours.
Tellingly, the Canadian Opera Company's six opera season is comprised entirely of works one would broadly characterize as '19th century'--the oldest being 1816's Barber and the newest, 1926's Turandot, still very much representing the tail end of the Romantic opera tradition.
One clear example of the impact that music theater can have on the bottom line comes from the Western Plains Opera Company (WPO), a small regional opera company that has been producing professional opera in Minot, North Dakota for nearly 50 years.
The musicians walked off the job Tuesday to protest cuts proposed by management, setting up a picket line outside the Civic Opera House and playing excerpts from various operas as they expressed opposition by the opera company to cut the number of orchestra musicians by five.
However, a Newcastle teenager is looking to change all that after founding the Squillo Opera Company. It has taken just a few months for Rosie Kat to get a group of like-minded singers together and they are now preparing for their launch event.
However a Newcastle teenager is looking to change all that after founding the Squillo Opera Company.
A Thornhill soprano has teamed up with Scotland's premiere string orchestra to bring her new opera company to Dumfries Theatre Royal next Saturday.
It is expected that the next show of "The Merry Widow" will be performed by soloists from the Cairo Opera Company, the Cairo Opera Orchestra, the Cairo Opera Choir and the Cairo Opera Ballet Company headed by Erminia Kamel.