opera glasses

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opera glass

op·er·a glass

 (ŏp′ər-ə, ŏp′rə)
n. often opera glasses
A pair of small, low-powered binoculars for use especially at a theatrical performance.

opera glasses

pl n
small low-powered binoculars used by audiences in theatres and opera houses

op′era glass`es

(or glass`),

a small, low-power pair of binoculars without prisms.
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Noun1.opera glasses - an optical instrument designed for simultaneous use by both eyesopera glasses - an optical instrument designed for simultaneous use by both eyes
eyepiece, ocular - combination of lenses at the viewing end of optical instruments
optical instrument - an instrument designed to aid vision
plural, plural form - the form of a word that is used to denote more than one
نَظّارة المَسارِح، مِنْظار
színházi látcsõ
malý ďalekohľad
opera dürbünü

opera glasses

nplbinocolo da teatro


(ˈopərə) noun
a musical drama in which the dialogue is sung. an opera by Verdi.
ˌopeˈratic (-ˈrӕ-) adjective
of, or relating to, opera. an operatic society; an operatic singer.
opera glasses
binoculars for use in a theatre.
ˈopera-house noun
a theatre in which operas are performed.
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Taking place on August 30 and 31, and September 1, it's our annual chance to bust out the opera glasses and enjoy an evening of musical refinement.
Between the fans who only thrill to live sound and those who don't make a distinction between opera mediated by recording technology and opera (likewise) mediated through seat position, hall acoustics, surtitles or opera glasses.
I have to go now and get my opera glasses. I'm going to a football match.
"This fragrance manifested itself in my imagination as the most perfect opera, viewed across space and time through antique enamelled opera glasses. It comes to life for me on a stage adorned with a profusion of silk threaded floral embroideries that gradually transform into a delicate divine garden."
QI have a pair of opera glasses which belonged to my great-grandmother.
On display at the Downtown Virgin store -- which itself occupies the nostalgic prewar opera house -- are hand-painted sewing machines, mother-of-pearl opera glasses, silver-plated binoculars and pocket-watches; items that rouse the imagination over the individuals who might have owned them, and the glamorous lives they must have led to necessitate a gem-studded flask or gold-plated star gazer.
A set of 19th Century opera glasses is displayed near some theatre tokens, the metal discs that, before paper tickets, allowed admission to the theatre's various seating areas, each designated according to price.
An Action Man island sold for pounds 3.79, a pair of opera glasses went for pounds 6.36, and a set of Coronation Street Jack and Vera thimbles were picked up for 99p each.
The two priests viewed the Duck Boats through opera glasses, and Howard particularly wanted to see Julien, whom he felt showed a great deal of class during the tumultuous final series.
I HAVE had these opera glasses for a long time, they are silver.