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1. Operating to produce effects; effective.
2. Psychology Of, relating to, or being a response that occurs spontaneously and is identified by its reinforcing or inhibiting effects.
1. One that operates.
2. Psychology An element of operant behavior.

[Latin operāns, operant-, present participle of operārī, to work; see operate.]

op′er·ant·ly adv.


from an operative or productive point of view
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Once home, use counter-conditioning to convince your new canine companion that being near a crate makes wonderful things happen, and use shaping to operantly condition him to happily and willingly enter his new bedroom.
However, several studies have shown empirical evidence of reflexive behaviors being operantly conditioned (e.
Mice and rats can be trained to respond operantly at a fixed ratio for infusions of ethanol or for access to a drinkable ethanol solution.
2005) Pain Report and Pain Related Evoked Potential Operantly Conditioned.
A modification of this model has been described in which food- and water-sated rats that had been operantly trained to administer alcohol orally were allowed to obtain water or alcohol by responding on one of two levers.