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Noun1.operating surgeon - a physician who specializes in surgeryoperating surgeon - a physician who specializes in surgery
amputator - a surgeon who removes part or all of a limb
cosmetic surgeon, plastic surgeon - a surgeon who beautifies the body (especially the face)
doc, doctor, physician, Dr., MD, medico - a licensed medical practitioner; "I felt so bad I went to see my doctor"
brain surgeon, neurosurgeon - someone who does surgery on the nervous system (especially the brain)
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As regards pelvic abscess, he suggested rectal examination by operating surgeon to drain an established abscess through hole in the anastomosis, insert a drain into the cavity and then flush daily.
Despite this, all the dissection during steps relevant to margin status (apical dissection, intrafascial nerve-sparing, bladder neck in extensive tumours) was performed by the operating surgeon (BS).
Grand jury findings revealed the operating surgeon found 80 percent of Piazza's blood supply, or four liters, contained in the form of old, dark blood inside his abdomen.
All patients were identified and cleared by their operating surgeon to participate in BFR training as an adjunct to their standard physical therapy.
The results of the current study showed that Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy can be done using conventional instruments through a single incision, but the operating surgeon must keep in mind the different technical difficulties we encountered and same has been reported in previous studies on the same subjects.
Whether or not to proceed with the sacrocolpopexy is a decision the operating surgeon makes.
Thus xanthogranulomatous presents a parody to the available knowledge about this disease and a malady not only to the distressed patient but also the operating surgeon.
Rather than having 15-20 students in the room, they are in a classroom and they are being taken through the surgery by the operating surgeon," he said.
The number and sizes of the ports varied from patient to patient and was on the choice of the operating surgeon.
Only a single operating surgeon was identified but was blinded of the results of the study.
Only the operating surgeon and accompanying staff in the operating room were aware of the procedure selected.
However, these devices constitute additional 'intervening' layers between the operating surgeon and the patient resulting in loss of physical feedback pathways and potentially compromising the performance.

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