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Noun1.operational cell - a terrorist cell that performs clandestine activities
radical cell, terrorist cell - a cell of terrorists (usually 3 to 5 members); "to insure operational security the members of adjacent terrorist cells usually don't know each other or the identity of their leadership"
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The searches were carried out as part of an investigation into an operational cell some of whose members had returned from Syria," he said.
According to the prosecutor, there have been a dozen raids in the districts of Verviers, Brussels and Halle-Vilvoorde as part of an investigation into an operational cell of terrorists who were about to commit major attacks in Belgium, particularly against police.
The Federal Minister laid special emphasis on the development of Emergency Operational Cell which will serve as a platform for efficient monitoring and evaluation.
As the day progresses, we expect the numbers of operational cell sites to continue to improve.
While local authorities have arrested dozens of alleged militants since 2004, when a key Madrid train station was attacked, the officials claimed that these were the first to be caught with explosives, implicating that they had become an operational cell, ABC News reports.
The time has come to establish a regional operational cell in cooperation with NATO, as well as willing regional countries, to engage with the project to topple Assad by force of arms, as well as support the call made by Burhan Ghalioun for the Syrian people to liberate themselves.
Hicheur had done so by "giving his agreement as to the setting up of an operational cell in Europe and defining the future targets of this cell, and finally by setting up projects to financially support AQIM," it said.
2011 was the largest annual increase of operational cell sites with 283,385 at year-end, which was 30,299 more than 2010.
Throughout, the treatise stresses the long-term, unconventional nature of jihad and the need to survive to fight another day (the course makes no mention of suicide attacks), covering such details as types of operational cell structure and size along with the characteristics of personnel and job functions for a typical organization.
The ministry has alerted the Indian Intelligence Bureau about an operational cell of Al Qaida and Laskar-E-Toiba planning these attacks.
MARCH 7: Some members of an Al-Qaeda operational cell could already be in the country and others may arrive soon via boat.
Operational cell phones are distributed through the national Donate-A-Phone program, while unusable phones are recycled to recover their metal content.

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