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n. Philosophy
The view that all theoretical terms in science must be defined only by their procedures or operations.

op′er·a′tion·al·ist n.


(ˌɒpəˈreɪʃənəlɪst) philosophy
(Philosophy) Also called: operationist a person who adheres to operationalism
(Philosophy) of or relating to operationalism
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Adj.1.operationalist - of or relating to or espousing operationalism; "operationalist doctrine"
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1252) observe that if the latent construct "depends on a constructivist, operationalist or instrumentalist interpretation by the scholar," then a formative model is often used for measurement purposes.
With a few important exceptions, its history during the second quarter of this century has been an attempt to work out a variety of behaviorism that would satisfy the constraints imposed on psychological explanation by an acceptance and application of empiricist (and particularly operationalist) views of general scientific method.
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