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1. Of or relating to an operation or a series of operations.
2. Of, intended for, or involved in military operations.
3. Fit for proper functioning; ready for use: an operational aircraft.
4. Being in effect or operation: "de facto apartheid still operational even in the 'new' African nations" (Leslie Marmon Silko).

op′er·a′tion·al·ly adv.
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Adv.1.operationally - in respect to operation; "reported the machine operationally satisfactory"; "a well-trained staff that is operationally adequate"
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[ˌɒpəˈreɪʃənəli] adv [use] → opérationnellement
The device had been used operationally some months previously → Le dispositif avait été utilisé opérationnellement quelques mois auparavant.operations centre operations center n (US) [company, police force, military] → centre m d'opérationsoperations director ndirecteur/trice m/f des opérationsoperations manager ndirecteur/trice m/f des opérationsoperations room ncentre m d'opérations
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The Battalion has now shifted to its permanent location at Ormara to fulfill operationally assigned tasks.
It also said it is adapting its intellectual property led business model in light of regulatory changes and to deliver a business which is performing well commercially and operationally.
This move is operationally focused, as both entities will continue to serve customers under the Wave Broadband brand.
Global Humira sales increased only 0.5% on a reported basis in Q4, or 1.4% operationally, excluding the impact from foreign exchange.
In recent times, Imran Khan has been referring to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police Act 2017 as one of the major achievements of his party, saying the PTI has given the KP public a politically and operationally independent force.
Summary: It marks the third consecutive operationally profitable quarter for the company
Platform Capital is an operationally focused private equity firm based in Denver, with a satellite office in Indianapolis.
For the Warrant Officers out there, you bring a unique perspective as technically strong and operationally experienced Officers; the Army Communicator is an excellent tool to use to share that perspective with the broader community.
Delos partnered with ShoreVest Capital, an operationally focused investment firm, comprised of operators who have worked closely in this industry for over a decade.
She said: "Operationally, we've been trying to manage our financial position against increasing demand, and to maintain the quality of care for our patients.
The idea for "operationally responsive space" was in its infancy when China launched its infamous anti-satellite test January 11, 2007.

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