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Noun1.operative field - the area that is open during surgery
field of view, field - the area that is visible (as through an optical instrument)
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severe adhesions, endometriosis, previous history of radiation to operative field, carcinoma).
This system is an improved version of bipolar diathermy device with additional advantage of achieving haemostasis by its vessel sealing effect upto 7 mm in diameter and very little lateral spread of current or heat confined to 2 mm over the operative field.
The operative field was painted with pyodine solution from upper abdomen to mid thighs.
Incidental durotomy (ID) is an untoward event in the lumbar spinal surgery resulting from an un-intended rent in the dura mater and is marked by the appreciation of clear fluid in the operative field. Clear fluid in the operative field can come from the cotton patties, rupture of a synovial cyst or from previous attempted lumbar puncture.
Allergic reactions, anaphylaxis, and even death may be seen because of intraoperative cyst rupture resulting in spilling of cystic material into the operative field. The kidney should be isolated from the surroundings using betadine-soaked sponges and hypertonic saline; 2% formalin, 1% iodine or 0.5% silver nitrate should be administered to the cyst cavity.
Attitude and knowledge of isolation in operative field among undergraduate dental studnets.
Endoscopic transnasal sphenoidotomy requires good hemostasis in the operative field. This is accomplished by injecting 1% lidocaine with epinephrine into the anterior wall of the sphenoid sinus (figure, A) and into superior nasal turbinate.
Monitoring the Operative Field. Most surgeries target deformable structures, which change significantly during a procedure (i.e., a removal of tissue during a resection).
The linea alba was dissected transversely for laparotomy, and hepatic round ligament was also dissected to increase the size of the operative field. An Alexis[R] wound retractor XS (Applied Medical, Santa Rancha Margarita, CA, USA) was inserted through the umbilical wound, and the Kocher maneuver was performed.
Carbon dioxide (C[O.sub.2]) insufflation to a unilateral thorax or bilateral thoraxes is frequently performed to gain a better operative field of view, although its intraoperative complications have not yet been discussed in detail.
Of the studies comparing bowel prep with no prep, only the 5 gynecologic ones assessed operative field. Surgical view was perceived as improved in only 1 study.
Lignocaine provides potent initial pain relief, and adrenaline reduces bleeding in the operative field due to vasoconstriction.