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 (ō-pûr′kyə-lĭt) also o·per·cu·lat·ed (-lā′tĭd)
Having an operculum.

o·per′cu·late′ (-lāt′, -lĭt) n.
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Adj.1.operculated - having an operculum
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Additional histologic findings were myriad operculated, thick-walled nematode eggs embedded within the esophageal epithelium.
(1852) Catalogue of Phaneropneumona, or terrestrial operculated mollusca [...].
Ocular contusion may result in numerous types of retinal breaks, including horseshoe tears, operculated holes, giant retinal tears, macular holes, and retinal dialyses [8, 18].
Eggs are numerous, oval, smooth, dark brown, operculated and 39.63-42.68 (41.15) x 18.29-21.34 (19.81) in size.
A follow-up stool sample collected 1 week after the first dose of praziquantel still exhibited operculated eggs; samples collected 3 weeks later did not contain any eggs.