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A keyed brass instrument of the bugle family with a baritone range that was the structural precursor of the bass saxophone and was replaced by the tuba in orchestras.

[French : Greek ophis, snake (from its resemblance to the serpent, a musical instrument) + Greek klēis, klēid-, key.]


(Instruments) music an obsolete keyed wind instrument of bass pitch
[C19: from French ophiclēide, from Greek ophis snake + kleis key]
References in classic literature ?
The army consisted of a magnificent band that also did duty on the stage, where it was quite pleasant to see the worthy fellows marching in Turkish dresses with rouge on and wooden scimitars, or as Roman warriors with ophicleides and trombones--to see them again, I say, at night, after one had listened to them all the morning in the Aurelius Platz, where they performed opposite the cafe where we breakfasted.
Ratner's survey of the opera's instrumentation reveals a remarkably large brass section, including two natural and two chromatic horns, two chromatic trumpets and two cornets a pistons, four trombones, and two ophicleides, as well as a large percussion ensemble, including timpani, bass drum, cymbals, triangle, glockenspiel.
The instrumentation for the military bands included cornets, clarinets, tubas, ophicleides and percussion.