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 (ŏf′ē-ə-līt′, ō′fē-)
Any of a group of rocks, especially mafic and ultramafic igneous rocks, thought to have formed during crustal thinning at a mid-ocean ridge and to have been subsequently thrust onto continental crust.

[French ophiolite : Greek ophis, snake (in reference to the typically greenish serpentine rocks, diabase, and peridotite found in ophiolites) + French -lite, -lite; see -lite.]
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(Geological Science) a type of marble containing serpentine, normally used for ornamental purposes
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"Mahab 4 and Maqail South are examples of the type of high-grade copper deposits that are characteristic of the Oman Ophiolite Belt and will be in the vanguard of new copper mine developments in Oman.
Mg2+/Na+ demonstrated that the groundwater of the study area has genetic association with the igneous rocks of Bela Ophiolite and sedimentary rocks of Ferozabad Group.
Ophiolite melange in the Baneh area with NW-SE trend continued to the west over the border of Iraq.
Copper, chromite, manganese, zinc and gold are distributed in an ophiolite sequence that is between one and six kilometres thick.
The Muslim Bagh-Zhob Ophiolite, west of the SFTB, were also obducted onto the passive margin of the Indian Plate along Zhob Valley Thrust during this phase (Alleman, 1979; Sarwar, 1992; Ahmed, 1996; Gnos et al., 1996; Kakar et al., 2012).
Sample sites revealed the highest concentration of cadmium (24.2-30.0 ppb - or parts per billion) to be in the north-eastern and south-eastern sector covering parts of all three geological areas of Bela Ophiolite, Sandy Tract Recent as well as Sub-recent Sandy Tract.
UNESCO Chair on Ophiolite Studies -- Earth Sciences.
Visit Ras Madrakah beach and enjoy strolling on the white sands and watching swarms of birds (the beach is characterized by the dark ophiolite rocks).
The Strongylos mine, which is on the tentative list of Unesco World Heritage Monuments as part of the Troodos Mountain ophiolite -- a 90-million-year-old fragment of well-preserved oceanic crust and an excellent example of volcanogenic massive sulphide deposit -- is about 2km south of Mathiatis community and is a gold mine dating back to 600BC.
The geologic units of the study area are divided into three principal zones that include the Semail nappes (ophiolite), the Hawasina nappes, and the post-nappe strata units (Aruma Group and Tertiary bedrock and Quaternary alluvium) (Figure 1).