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 (ŏf′ē-ə-līt′, ō′fē-)
Any of a group of rocks, especially mafic and ultramafic igneous rocks, thought to have formed during crustal thinning at a mid-ocean ridge and to have been subsequently thrust onto continental crust.

[French ophiolite : Greek ophis, snake (in reference to the typically greenish serpentine rocks, diabase, and peridotite found in ophiolites) + French -lite, -lite; see -lite.]


(Geological Science) a type of marble containing serpentine, normally used for ornamental purposes
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The wooded peak ofTroodoscomprises the deepest layer of a section of oceanic crust, or an ophiolite complex that was formed 90 million years ago, 8,000 metres below sea level.
CIAO will study the amphibole-bearing peridotites of Nain ophiolite (Iran).
The Semail Ophiolite belt has been found to contain clusters of relatively high grade copper deposits.
Geochemical fingerprinting of oceanic basalts with applications to ophiolite classification and the search for Archean oceanic crust.
In northwest Turkey, the Izmir-Ankara-Erzincan suture and ophiolite zone is considered to be lithospheric remnants of the northern branch of Neotethys.
This piece of the Hajar Mountain, between Oman and UAE, is the biggest exposed ophiolite complex in the world.
From north to south these are the Kyrenia Terrane, the Circum-Troodos sedimentary succession, the Troodos Ophiolite complex, and the Mamonia Complex in the south-west (Geological Survey Department 1993).
mineralization and ophiolite formation: an example from the Meratus Mountains, Borneo.
The main existing aquifers in the UAE area, fractured ophiolite rocks in the east, gravel aquifers flanking the eastern mountain ranges on the east and west and sand dune aquifers in the south and west (Al-Shamsei, 1993).
Additional information with respect to the Company's Omani properties is contained in the technical report prepared by Venmyn Rand (Pty) Ltd, dated December 31, 2010 and entitled "National Instrument 43-101 Independent Technical Report on Block 5 and Block 6 Copper Projects, Semail Ophiolite Belt, Sultanate of Oman held by Gentor Resources, Inc.
The sessions included five main themes namely oil, deposit rocks, geology of the Arabian Peninsula, Ophiolite rocks, water resources and environmental geology.