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Then Deesa would look at his feet and examine his eyes, and turn up the fringes of his mighty ears in case of sores or budding ophthalmia. After inspection the two would come up with a song from the sea," Moti Guj, all black and shining, waving a torn tree branch twelve feet long in his trunk, and Deesa knotting up his own long wet hair.
And you admit that every thing has a good and also an evil; as ophthalmia is the evil of the eyes and disease of the whole body; as mildew is of corn, and rot of timber, or rust of copper and iron: in everything, or in almost everything, there is an inherent evil and disease?
Devotion causes a moral ophthalmia. By some providential grace, it takes from souls on the road to eternity the sight of many little earthly things.
The preventable causes of blindness include corneal scarring due to vitamin A deficiency, measles, ophthalmia neonatorum, application of harmful traditional eye medications and infective corneal ulcers.
If Martin Chuzzlewit--like Chuffey and Pinch and Laura Bridgman--suffers from symptoms of myopia, then, its "artificial ophthalmia" (Martin Chuzzlewit 442) has purpose, conveying the honest impressions of its author from an experimental literary perspective in which loosened description is made readable, in which blurriness helps make feeling and content clear.
TABLE 1 Reaffirmed USPSTF recommendations (1) A recommendations * Administer prophylactic ocular topical medication to all newborns to prevent gonococcal ophthalmia neonatorum, * Screen all pregnant women for syphilis infection early in their pregnancy.
Rushton was also blind after contracting ophthalmia while working as a sailor on ships transporting slaves from Africa to the West Indies.
KEYWORDS: Micro ophthalmia (Mo), Congenital cataract (Cc), Intra ocular pressure (Iop), Posterior synachae (Po), Visual axis obscuration (Vao).
There were no cases of retinal detachment, uveitis, or sympathetic ophthalmia. Visual acuity was <20/400 in 28 patients (93.3%).
Corneal scarring due to Vitamin A deficiency, measles, ophthalmia neonatorum and use of traditional remedies predominate in low income countries.
Two years later there were no signs of sympathetic ophthalmia in the right eye, whose examination remained completely normal.
Due to suspicion of gonococcal ophthalmia neonatorum, a full septic workup was obtained including CBC, blood culture, urine analysis and culture, CSF analysis and culture, and left eye swab for culture and Chlamydia antigen (Table 1).