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Having receding jaws or mouthparts directed backward.

[Greek opistho-, behind (from opisthen; see epi in Indo-European roots) + -gnathous.]

op′is·thog′na·thism n.


1. (Zoology) (of a person or animal) having receding jaws
2. (Medicine) (of a person or animal) having receding jaws
[C19: from Greek opisthen behind + -gnathous]
ˌopisˈthognathism n
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Adj.1.opisthognathous - having receding jaws
hypognathous, prognathic, prognathous - having a projecting lower jaw
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Since then, they have continued to receive attention due to their previously assumed basal phylogenetic position within Mecoptera, relatively unknown life history, undescribed larvae, and odd appearance relative to other Mecoptera (e.g., flattened body, opisthognathous head, and broad wings folded over the abdomen) [2, 3].
In Laccocorinae, the front of the head is folded posteroventrally such that the labrum is set back from the anterior margin of the head giving an opisthognathous appearance (Fig.
If a person is opisthognathous what does he or she have?