opium taker

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Noun1.opium taker - someone addicted to opium
drug addict, junkie, junky - a narcotics addict
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Here I read a strange article, Confessions of an Opium Taker [sic] in London Magazine, which must be by De Quincey.
That sickly pallor reappears in a later, and technically very different painting: Portrait of a Man (1954)--Sir Brian Dean Paul, part-time mural painter and opium taker. Caroline Blackwood, Freud's second wife, and the subject of some of his most impressive early portraits, liked to suggest that Freud relished these dark sides, writing that his images 'appear to take a fatalistic pride in the planned obsolescence envisioned for them by their creator'; she describes these portraits as 'prophesies rather than snapshots'.