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1. Possible to oppose or resist.
2. Capable of moving opposite to and touching one or more other digits of the same hand or foot in a way that allows grasping: The thumb is an opposable digit.

op·pos′a·bil′i·ty n.
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In the polity, the lineage system provides the framework for defining social opposability, determining loyalties and supports in disputes between kindred of different lineages.
The settlor, his representative, the new trustee or the provisional administrator can register this amendment to the trust, properly applying the provisions of article 780 (tax registration) and article 781 (opposability of the trust).
As a starting point, the drafting history of Article 25(1) offers insights into the importance of both legal personality and opposability of legal rules to explaining the possibility of ICSID claims against State subdivisions.
The first finger makes opposability and flexion and extension by inter-phalange joint.
* doctrine requires appropriate provisions to be developed and implemented--a ministerial order would be necessary for broad opposability;
The opposability of the trust is secured by recording it with the Electronic Archive of Movable Securities and of the movable rights, including real estate securities, making object of the fiduciary contract, in the land book for each individual right.
The proposed theory surpasses the traditional criteria of establishing the withdrawal rights main sphere of incidence, implying an analysis of the opposability between the restrictive thesis and the extensive thesis regarding the withdrawal rights main sphere of incidence.
Given that properties used for worship or religious purposes have special characteristics, they are governed by a specific legal framework which must be recorded in the Property Register, so as to ensure proper opposability by third parties.
In what concerns the opposability of the decision, taking into account the usual effect of a judicial decision, the ruling regarding the action for the recovery of possession is opposable only to the parties and therefore it cannot be opposed to third parties.